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The Sound Shop Mobile Recording Studio:: New York:: Live Webcast
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Live Streaming Video Production New York



“Killer show ya’ll…great interview and two amazing songs. The audio is stupid good."    Livelife on Triangle Live.TV website

Rolling Stone named “Sing For Your Meat” one of the 20 best Record Store Day exclusives.

“Todd does an amazing job! We broadcast our CD Release Show and the feedback I got was that the live recording sounded even better than the CD!”

Doug Guild

Marcus Anderson live webcast on Gigstream.  Location recording and post Production mixing by The Sound Shop Mobile Recording


@Gigstream This is the best gift that I could hope to obtain! Thank you for making this happen


@Gigstream omg you guys are so freakin sweet #flag2012




@Gigstream thank you so, SO much for not only broadcasting but also putting up the @emilieautumn concert. You're all amazing <3 <3


@Gigstream Thank you so much for everything you've done! (((>*.*<))) #FLAG2012


Xmas is here in Feb. @milieautumn #FLAG2012download will be avail this evening."YAAAAAY!!!"


@Gigstream Great! I attended her show on Wed but couldn't see much, so this is a godsend & you deserve much success for a wonderful service.


@Gigstream its downloaded and working. The quality looks amazing. Thank you :)


I have @emilieautumn via @Gigstream on my TV right now ;)#FLAG2012


@Gigstream rewatching cats cradle show-still amazing even after seeing it live


Sounds pretty rad. Watch any concert from anywhere in the world (potentially) from your home TV? Fckya!


If you like music, check this out!


These guys did a live stream for the Art of Cool show last Friday and they were awesome!


Almost too good to be true, unless you don't care for music.


loved it!


You guys did an outstanding job on this! Kudos, seriously. The quality is amazing!

From Facebook:

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“Awesome is an understatement. Todd worked with the musicians like a magician. His ear is keen, his suggestions are honest and genuine, and his engineering is superb.”

David Van Gieson,  Johnny Dodge