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Gigstream is our video production and live streaming division.  We designed Gigstream around the latest technology in while developing a sophisticated proprietary resource for live stream encoding. 

Our goal with Gigstream was to offer the same high resolution live streaming broadcasts that co-founder Todd Fitch was used to at the major music festivals, but to pair down the equipment requirements and costs.  Gigstream’s focus was to loose the semi-trucks, and their overhead, and make HD quality live streaming available to everyone.

Gigstream requires 40 amps of single phase isolated power and connects via Edison. 



HPX 170, HPX 200A, HPX 300, HPX 360


EX1, EX3, FS700


5D, 7D


Scarlett, Epic

Seriously, we are in New York. EVERYTHING is available.

Software Video Switching:

Blackmagic Designs ATEM 1 M/E :

-Resolutions up to1920x1080i 60fps

-8 HD inputs (4 SD/HD-SDI, 4 HDMI)

-5 SD/HD-SDI Program Outputs

-Component and Composite Outputs

-Independent Audio Control For Each of the Eight Inputs Plus Stereo External Input and Output

-HDMI and SD/HD-SDI Multi View Output

-Tri-Level or Blackburst Reference Input and Timecode I/O

-Stinger Transitions, Automated Wipe, and DVE

-2 internal media players

-8 Simultaneous layers

-Transition Selector BKG, Key (1-4)

Hardware Video Switching:

-Available upon request. 

The H.E.R. Live Stream Encoding System

Live Stream Encoder
Blackmagic Designs ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher::Video Production

Video Distribution:

Blackmagic Designs Mini Converter SDI Distribution (2):

-Total of 2/16 i/o with SD/SD-HD and 3 Gb auto switching input to 8 re-clocked HD-SDI outputs per box.

BlackMagic Designs Mini Converter SDI Distribution

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The Sound Shop Mobile Recording Studio:: New York:: Remote Recording::Live Streaming Service

Compliment your HD Live Stream with on Location Multi Track Audio from The Sound Shop Mobile Recording:

Live Stream Encoding:

Proprietary H.E.R. Encoding System:

-Multiple resolution encoding for simultaneous delivery of 360, 720, or 1080 streams.

-Double Redundancy encoding ensures your live stream stays live at all times.

-Encoding to mobile devices.

-Variable Bitrate Encoding for high bandwidth scenarios and Dynamic Streaming

-Encode to H.264 standard codec or VP6

-Deinterlacing to live stream

-Stream to any Flash Media Server or CDN of your choice.

-AAC, HE-AAC and .mp3 audio codec.

-Unlimited Viewership

-Stream to ANY website in the world

-Instant Content Playback

HD Video Recording:

AJA Video Systems Ki Pro:

-Unlimited Recording of HD Video

In Apple Pro Res W/Audio.

Back Up HD Video Recording :  

BlackMagic Designs HyperDeck2

-Recording of HD Video In Apple Pro Res


AJA  Video Systems Ki Pro:  Live Streaming Production::New York
BlackMagic Designs HyperDeck 2::Live Streaming Production::New York