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What Can The Sound Shop Mobile Recording Studio Do For Your Project?


Studio Tracking:

Need a great sounding record?  With our versatile mobile recording studio we can set up in any location for as long as is needed to capture the “it” sound and feel for your album. Everything from drums to vocals can be accommodated. You can come to us, or we can pack the studio and bring Pro Tools HD right to your door.

Nelly:: The Sound Shop Mobile Recording:: Remote Recording::Webcasting Studio

Nelly live in Charlotte pre show.  This Live Stream won a Telly award.

Mixing / Post Production:

Have you recorded some material yourself or at another studio, and are looking for a experienced set of ears to give your record, film, or video that extra “something”.

My major label experience and a full compliment of plug ins can take your pre recorded project and make it sound professional.  Just bring your tracks into the studio and hear the difference my experience makes


Same story here.  Nearly every vocal released is tuned.  Even just a small tweak on the back-round vocals can really bring the performance together.


Every single record released by a major label is edited.  If you are looking for that radio sound the editing process is imperative.  Get those drums on the grid here in the studio, and take a step towards getting that major label sound.

FTP Hosting:

FTP or File Transfer Protocol offers your fans the opportunity to download your show by the time they drive home.  The Sound Shop Mobile Recording Studio will host a password protected page for your band. 

After your show we will upload the mp3’s to this site.  You may sell this link and password to fans at the show while at the same time gathering ever important contact information on the people that are spending time and money with your band.


The Chicago City skyline from the main stage at Lollapalooza

Live HD Webcasting:

Not only do we provide up to 48 Channels of on location multi track recording, with our Gigstream association in New York and Durham we can film up to 8 HD cameras while encoding multiple streams of varying resolutions to any website in the world. 

Via the proprietary H.E.R. Encoding System (High Engagement Release), the various encoding resolutions include full HD, as well stream for mobile devices.

What does this mean for you?

We come to your show, record the show into our Pro Tools HD system, mix your show, film your show, and stream your show live to your website in resolutions that cater to your fans no matter how fast or how slow their internet connection is at home or on their mobile device. 

For more examples please check our Video Blog

Mobile/Remote Recordings:

We can provide a on site recording studio to accommodate all forms of mobile and remote multi track recording.  We carry the industry standard Pro Tools HD, we bring it to you, and we record your show track per track. One instrument, one microphone, one track. 

At the end of the show we can give you a CD copy of the broadcast reference mix, provide a link for your fans to download, provide your webmaster with content for upload, or simply give you all associated Pro Tools Files on a hard drive.

Mobile/Remote multi track recording for live concerts, content development, commercial video shoots, movie shoots, live webcast, CD and DVD’s. The Sound Shop Mobile Recording Studio has recorded in nearly every environment imaginable.  From the neighborhood bar, warehouses, offices, boats, and main stage at Lollapalooza. We have the means put our mobile Pro Tools HD studio anywhere.

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Content Development:

The music industry has changed dramatically.  Want to get the word out? Content, content, content.  We have been at the fore front of content development since 2004. We can cater our services to meet the needs of any project by streaming High Definition audio AND video directly to your website LIVE, or deliver your content after the fact. 

Emilie Autumn streamed live from Cat’s Cradle with The Sound Shop Mobile Recording and Gigstream. For more examples please check out our Video Blog.